DS Versus PSP. GTA Chinatown Wars, Graphics Comparison

I do not know about you, but the PSP just delivers better graphics than DS. I have always believed that PSP is a better portable machine. Not just in the graphics department. But comparing other factors too, like better exclusives. Here is just a good example of why PSP is way better. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, both available for the PSP and DS. Which do you like more?

If you look on the web for opinions about which one being better, most will either say something like: "they are both good in a way, or they both have advantages and disadvantages". I am so tired of that neutral crap, and I think that they are all bound to say nothing against either handheld because they do not know much about video games, because they are not even gamers themselves.

Sony is certainly not giving me a cent for saying this, and I know about both consoles. I should just say that PSP is the best handheld gaming device there is. If you think about it. Sure you can get a DS for much cheaper than a PSP. You are certainly paying what its worth. For reals, sorry DS fanboys, I have to say it. Now it has been on my mind that since the release of both consoles one was more design for kids(Nintendo DS) and the other for a more grown up audience(PSP). That is how I see it.

Just look at the DS ugly pixelated screen. Those graphics are probably a decade old and even though the game is new release by the looks of the DS seem outdated.


  1. Sony will never pay you a cent because I can only say one word to you: "BIAS"
    You consider yourself as a real gamer? I doubt that. You only see one side of the game, or the console, which is 'graphics'. That is one important thing to consider but the most powerful aspect is the 'gameplay'.
    Being on the side of the neutral is even better than looking only at one side.
    you have a very poor judgement. study your philosophy class well. sorry for taking this out personally but I think GTA Chinatown wars are both good on both the handheld platforms. this is an unbiased look.

  2. the graphics for GTA CW for DS look like something from the nintendo 64, or even worse.

  3. The DS version is better because of the minigames, I prefer to open a car with a stylus than with a x button, I hate PSP fanboys like you I have both consoles but I'm not a fanboy that think the PSP is rubish, you are a fanboy I'm not, I have a big superiority from my point than yours, you don't know whats real gaming and just like the graphics I bet that you have heard your opnion in a forum and pasted here you fanboy cocksuker.