The Secret Saturdays. Beast Of The 5th Sun PSP Gameplay

I had no clue this Secret Saturdays game was really from the cartoon network, till I saw the logo. Well, It is a good game, I think. I am missing on the plot since it is a cartoon I have never watched. But if you have, then you can relate to story from the beginning. It is quite interesting, and for some strange reason this, super hero family reminds me a little of Disney's Incredibles.

Might just be me but, this game might not be for my old generation. I think the younger audience would be more into it. I wont say it is bad just because I missed the plot. I think it does have fun gameplay, and the fans should enjoy it much.

This video here is actually the second I record using remotejoy lite for PSP. The video is of high quality and and there is no shaking as opposed to using a camera. It does however make more work for me, because I make video and audio recordings separate, then join together. I just wish remotejoy could also record sound. Maybe in the future, I hope...


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