PSP Field Commander. Flashback Video

In my daily routine I watch game videos when I wake up, and yes! I will admit that I am a Youtube junkie. Anyway, this morning I stumbled upon a video trailer of Field Commander. War flashback of 2006, That's when the game Field Commander was released on the PSP. Now, I still had my PSP back then, but this.. my blog had not been born yet. I found it amazing, cause I had played turned-based strategy games before, and I think it has been so long since I have seen any developers come up with titles such as this recently.

So why not feature it! seems like a great game, even though I still have not played it, and with all the games I am currently playing I think it will be a little hard, but I will try to get some time for it.

Anyone interested in buying it? You can Buy Field Commander

Enjoy!! the trailer down below:


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