Sony PSP2 (NGP) Vs. Nintendo 3DS. Specs and More

For those following and into portable gaming, there is a another portable gaming war coming, and just like before.  They involve Sony: the makers of the Playstation Portable (PSP) system and Nintendo: the creators of the Nindento DS.  Who won that battle? My personal opinion would suggest that PSP did win the battle against Nintendo DS.  Now on to round 2.  Sony's big contender is the PSP2 codename NGP, short for Next Generation Portable versus Nintendo's 3DS.  The following diagram shows their features compared.  It is really what you consider better features what will decide the champion between these two monsters of portable gaming. 

Sony PSP2(NGP)

Nintendo 3DS
3G functionality 3.02 inch touch-screen display
320x240 resolution
Front and, Rear camera Three cameras: two on outer
casing, one above top screen
Capacitive Rear touch
pad Multi touch pad
Touch-screen / D-pad / 360-degree
Motion sensor
Built-in microphone Lithium ion battery
Built-in stereo speakers Stereo speakers
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi / Can communicate with other
consoles or internet when in sleep mode
Mobile network connectivity
and bluetooth.
Cartridge slot for both 3DS and DS cards
Six-axis motion sensing system
Three-axis electronic compassand Built-in

Well, these are some of the best features of the both systems and the ones that you would probably consider more important, while we still do not know when more will be added for the PSP2. 


  1. NGP = Nintendo Got Pawned

  2. well 1st
    the 3DS is indeed rumored to have 3G
    The 3DS will have 3d (and maybe normal) movies
    The 3DS will have 3D pictures
    and much, much, more...
    Can't say the same for PSP2
    3DS= I'm sorry but sony got pwned this time. Try comparing the DSi to the PSP. you'll get closer to the sense (almost).
    PS.Nintendo will probably come out with some "wii2" when The PSP2 comes out

  3. even PSP2 have more features than 3DS.... it has more use less features.....

    i think more will be focused on PSP2 and 3DS this year

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  4. the Sony NGP is just like and iTouch/iPhone rip-off with better gaming capability.. boooo!! nothing new..

    3DS is in a new level of gaming specially the gameplay. Nintendo has always won when it comes to innovation and gameplay. Wii's motion sensor gameplay has been copied by PS3. Then now NGP copies iTouch. geeezzz....

  5. The people that keep saying this copied this and this copied that are either too young or too ignorant to understand that these innovations were created before the console that made them popular.

    The iPhone/iPod did not invent touch screen, and the Wii did not invent motion sensing.

  6. Its ignorant when websites compare a 3DS pixel screen with a NGP...Because they are comparing the touch screen's resolution , not the top screen and we all know that the top screen has better resolution than the bottom ...

  7. Well some people might say that nin 3ds will be better but let me tell u that ngp will be much better.
    i do believe that 3ds got 3d technology without glasses but still there will be only around like 20 3d compatible games for it (which include every genre which not everyone will like it) but still 3d tchno for 3ds is one master peice and remember there won't be much of 3d effect only little that u can tell the difference.
    now ngp, it is providing most of the thing u need in one piece of material. it got touch screen well i know nothing is new but it got double sided touch screen, means there will touch at back cover, which will be some new experience, it contain 2 joy stick and 3ds never had any joy sticks only those buttons all the time, more functioning buttons, got 3g wifi motion sensor, which is amazing, it will also work as ur mobile phone. microphone, gps so much in one peice instead of buying like many things for eg satnav portable gaming console camera voice recorder etc. just buy one thing and have fun.

  8. nintendo sucks. whenever i by a ds game it is always a dig disapiontment

  9. give the 3DS a try - not even the EYETOY can come close to this. It felt.... wierd when i was giving its 3d a go.

    Im curious - is the comparison taken from details someone has told you or have you decided to miss out large chunks of both ?
    If it is KEY features wny has crap been included in the NGP while good stuff been left out of the 3DS. Its not even organized so you know the right details - ANYONE who puts the details in the right order will tell you you are making the NGP sound like a throw away last minute idea.

    what happened to the real "KEY" features?

  10. ngp=ngp got pwned.its just a 350 $ssss.want it?