Tekken 6 PSP Release Date, Interview With Katsuhiro Harada

So far I like what I am seen in Tekken 6, I especially like the long list of characters, the new characters, and the outstanding graphics. I am not so sure if the breaking of the ground was a good idea though. The video below is interesting and did not much know about the stories behind some character. The first "King" on the original Tekken died sometime before the 3rd Tournament Of Iron Fist? Wow! And here I thought he has been the same wrestle character ever since the beginning. So the "King" we see now is actually a second version.

In this fighting game, could someone pick the main character? Is it Jin Kazama? or Heihachi Mishima? Well, I had always thought that Kazuya Mishima had been the main guy since the very beginning. I guess I was wrong.

Anyway, Tekken 6 will be on huge release from NAMCO BANDAI Games. Release date is set on October 27, 2009. So much looking forward to it. Watch the Interview Video down below! :D

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  1. I Like this Game very Much..In that i choose Zin every time...