Game Flashback: Blaster Master (NES Classic) On PSP Gameplay

One of my favorite games when I was younger: Blaster Master for the NES. Now playing it on the PSP with Nester J Emulator brings a whole lot of good memories. I love the tank upgrades whenever you defeat an area boss. I had played many Nintendo games in my teen years. I do not remember most of the titles because they were so many. The only ones that I do remember are the ones that stood up from the crowd. Blaster Master is one of them and a really classic game that I recommend everyone to play even to this day. I only wish game developers would update this game, or make a 2nd. It sure would be nice. Seeing that most games nowadays are just copies of the old, maybe it is not a so far off idea.

Note: One thing that I notice when he is out of the tank and his back is turned reminds me of Hello Kitty figure lol. isn't it weird?

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