Tekken 6 Zafina

It is the first time I see Zafina, but it is said that her first appearance was on Tekken 5 (bloodline rebellion) and now 6. She has that Gothic look, and she is another female assassin added to list of Tekken characters. I think she does look beautiful. Se is tall and elegant with her long legs, and has unique set of fighting moves (twist snake type).

She is either from India or from Egypt I do not quite know yet. I am so exited to find out more about her, hopefully customizing her outfits and kicking butt with her attack combos should be much fun. I was trying to find out her last name, but I think Namco has not come up with one, or maybe... but perhaps they will reveal it later on... Enjoy the trailer :D

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  1. me tooo !
    whats your tekken 6 name ? maybe we can battle zafina vs. zafina eh ? but im only 10 yrs old . im good at zafina