Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Video Games

Take note that this is not my personal list, it is from Game I have not played all the games mentioned in the video. The list is as follows:

10. Karaoke Revolution. Never played it, because has not got my interest.
9. Animal Crossing. Sorry I do not even know on what consoles this game is. Interesting though.
8. State Of Emergency. Bloody, gore, and fun if you consider dismemberment of humans is. I would suggest adults only game.
7. Kingdom Hearts??? Oh really? but it looks so innocent, much like any Disney production ever is.
6. Manhunt. Extreme violence. Seems like it goes much into details on how to kill people.
5. Leisure Suit Larry. I am so guilty for playing this game, but it does have lots of mini games that are fun.
4. Pokemon. Sorry, I kinda never been a fan of pokemon.
3. Grand Theft Auto. Series have come a long way ever since the first. Rockstar games must be doing something right if this game is one popular title. Yes, I am guilty too. Just remember that the violence in it is not real. it is only a game!
2. DOA. Xtreme Beach Volleyball. What I like about this game, is how well and detail the female characters were created. They are definitely so sexy, but hey! I am not a pervert!! lol.
1. World Of Warcraft. I know how popular this game is, but i still have yet to experience it for myself.

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