Heihachi Mishima Voice Actor Is Now Dead

It is more sad knowing it was probably suicide and not natural causes.  "Gaming bids goodbye to another gear in the big machine, sad day, indeed. Daisuke Gori, the voice of Heihachi Mishima and countless other characters in gaming and animé, passed away last Sunday. Initial investigations yield that the death could be a suicide.
According to the report, Gori was found wandering the streets of Nakano, Tokyo, with blood dripping from his arm before collapsing face down. A sharp object was found nearby, so was his will and testament, which led authorities to investigate the suicide angle.

The 57-year-old voice actor has an impressive résume under his belt, with his work spanning across multiple titles - Metal Gear Solid 2 and Final Fantasy XII among them. Apart from Heihachi Mishima, he's also the voice of Mr. Satan in Dragon Ball: Budokai as well as Bass Armstrong in Dead or Alive. Gori also has numerous animé voices to his credit.

Suicide or not, rest in peace, Gouri-san."



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