Sony Projects: PSP Pad Tablet By End Of Year (2010)?

Well the video sure seems interesting, I would love to see Sony extending the PSP line with PSP phones, and Tablets.  So yea, I would still file this information under "Rumors" since there is still nothing official from Sony just yet.

A Tablet would be just an amazing line from the PSP, although I am not so sure if it carry the Portable type if it is just a regular size tablet, or maybe shrunk to fit your pocket, you know... like a PSP Go size maybe.  As a drawer myself, I would be very interested in finding the drawing features of the PSPad or PSP tablet or whatever they are going to call it.  Perhaps PSP Go Tablet?

Great news i found browsing Youtube, I thought I would share...What do you guys think about it? Reliable or not?


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