PS3 Hokuto Musou (Asian Version) Will PSP Do?


Great! and looks like the original story from the amazing anime movie: FIST OF THE NORTH STAR is played here.  Hokuto Musou is a fighting game, so you will expect to see much violence in it and gore much like if you have seen the anime.  I always to note that.  I wonder if there will be a PSP version.   I have been hearing that PSP is not a good gaming platform from people.  But keep in mind that the PSP graphics will never be compared to those with top home consoles nowadays.  It really comes close though.  PSP is still the best when it comes to gaming on the go. 

More Musou action for you. Carve a future for yourself through your fists. Travel the austere worlds and punch your way through regiments of enemies. The collapsed world is for you to explore and further destroy, pick up boulders, break windows and use anything you can find on the floor as your weapons. Unlease your strongest skills and see them animated. The new 3D graphics make your shower of punches and flurry of kicks even more spectacular. The game includes new storylines and adventures and seiyuus of the anime series are back to voice their respective roles in the game, this is a fist fight you don't want to miss. This item is an Asian Version game. The back cover of the game is in Chinese. The manual is in Japanese.Text and Language during game play is in Japanese. This game is compatible with all Playstation 3 systems including both US and Japanese Playstation 3.


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