Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake - PSP Gameplay

Your slim, stylish princess has been kidnapped and imprisoned in the castle of your enemy to be subjected to a diet of pies, cakes and more cakes. Your skinny princess is fast becoming a fat princess, and the later is of her rescue of her crystallized in confinement, the heavier she will be.But with the slim princess of your enemy captured and imprisoned in the castle, you're giving a little taste of their own medicine, your troops will be responsible for feeding her to earn some sizes.As time goes on, you have to move quickly through the ranks of the royal army and organize your loyal workers, warriors, wild, wizards and knights to create an effective rescue team. Gather resources to make new weapons, defend your castle, upgrade to your army, attack the enemy and eventually ends up rescuing your princess.
• Play through missions in single player mode and connect online through Infrastructure Mode to live a crazy multiplayer slaughter up to eight players.• Combines real-time strategy, fighting at close range and attack or defense strategies to rescue your princess.• Control of the six classes of characters and their abilities to infiltrate the enemy's fortress and bring back to the castle to your princess.

More on the gameplay here; I used Remotejoy lite to record the action, of Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake for the PSP.  But it looks like while doing so, some graphics were sacrificed.  It looks clear when not using Remotejoy lite, I assure you.   This is mission 3 of 19 available I think plus there are other modes.  very much fun to play.  I recommend it. :D


  1. This looks pretty neat, I am gonna have to check it out.

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