One - Two Boat Racing [PSP Mini] Gameplay

Please keep in mind that this game is best played with your buddy gamer.  As for me I played One-Two Boat Racing by myself.  The graphics are okay, the controls are a bit weird for my taste, and especially the set up.  You got to rotate your PSP 90 degrees counter clock, so that the screen is facing you on the side as opposed to just setting it as most common games.  I really do not like that.  It is somewhat weird to me to be viewing my PSP the way it was not intended and have discomfort on trying out the controls. 

Seen here on the gameplay, I was just alternating pressing the buttons up and down for the first man to row and then triangle and x for the second man to row.  If you were with your game buddy, he/she would have been in charge of the triangle and x, and you would only take care of pressing the up and down buttons.  the trick here is to be at the same pace.  I think that is why the title one-two.  well, once you find the rythm of rowing you will be going fast, but mind the obstacles!  you can definitely crash on some of those rock things if not paying attention.  Well, I think you won't find me playing this mini again, just because I have so many other games that are a little better to my liking.  One two boat racing may not be all that great, but at least it will get you a little entertained I think. 


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