Modnation Racers PSP Gameplay And Review [Drive A Race Car]

By Origami Origin (find more excellent PSP videos on his channel HERE)

A lot of people compared this to Mario Kart Racing.Which doesn't matter at all.This is a new game created by SONY and therefore it's unique in its own way(some even said it's Little Big Planet Racers. lol).For the last four days, I've been playing this game. it got me addicted since it came out here early :)so the review i wanted to do is like this: PROS ,CONS,OVERALL, RATING(from 1 to 5,..5 being the highest) :)

PROS: Great creation tools
Excellent visuals
Spot-on controls
Massive amounts of content and downloadable content(which is AWESOME by the way

CONS: No tutorial for CREATING custom tracks.
Shallow story.
Drifting sucks.
Career goals are a bit repetitive.
Stomping an opponent can be hard.
Mod and Kart stuffs have locked items and can only be unlocked by completing career goals
Which is very time consuming.

I think this is a good game and should be played by all psp fans out there.It can make you addicted to it. No more, no less.Period.
I'd give this a 4


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