Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes of the Ring For PSP

Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes of the Ring is an action sports game grounded on Mexican athletics of ‘Lucha Libre’ style wrestling. Having all of the plainest ‘luchadores’ from Mexico’s premier wrestling federation, the game provides fans of existing wrestling franchises a developed and unequaled gaming feel which is more athletic and fast-paced than those of existing wrestling franchises.The game also has an evolved popularity-based grading system which admits players to unlock more and more acrobatic and crushing moves founded on the user’s power to obtain the support of the crowd by the implementation of taunts directed at humiliating one’s adversary.Whether playing as any of the thirty real-life AAA wrestlers or as a character they have made themselves, gamers will discover the experience offered up in Lucha Libre AAA: Heroes del Ring to be a genuine evolution of the wrestling genre.


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