Ace Combat: Joint Assault PSP Insight, Video And Order Info

Ace Combat: Joint Assault® ™ drives the PSP system’s capability to its boundary with robust internet gameplay, CO-OP enabled Campaign Mode, new Multi-Strategic AI System, and more! The new “Joint Assault Mission System” enables you to go through different maps at the same time and affect each others’ tactical situation, permitting the missions to develop in multiple branches. Fly with allied pilots on several, original missions to obliterate the enemy in fierce tactical dogfights.

Key Game Features

* Real life setting – For the first time in the series, soar over familiar locations including Tokyo, London, and San Francisco!
* Air combat intensified – With the new “Enhanced Combat View” system, enemies and combat are shown closer than ever before!
* Cooperate and compete globally – Engage in infrastructure supported CO-OP gameplay with up to 4 players or fight it out in VS battle with up to 8 players! Players can also enjoy multiplayer action through Ad hoc Party!
* Fly authentic licensed aircraft – Jump in the cockpits of more than 40 state of the art combat aircraft and tear the skies apart with ease!


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