Bulletstorm: Get ready for an awesome new first person shooter!

Bulletstorm is a new title coming February 22nd, 2011 published by Electronic Arts. It was developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games, the people who have brought us Gears of War, Painkiller and the Unreal Tournament series. The game takes place in the future where an elite military unit named Dead Echo crash lands on a planet of mutant cannibals and man-eating plants.

The only way off is to fight their way through them all! There's a great forum for Bulletstorm that has tons of info about the game including videos and tips on how to play. They also have a great Bulletstorm wiki that you can use to look up how to perform the over 140 skillshots in the game. Skillshots are the unique ways to kill your enemies in Bulletstorm. There are going to be two modes in the game aside from the single player campaign: Echo Mode and Anarchy Mode. In Echo mode, you play the game competing with other players online to try and achieve the highest score.

In Anarchy mode, you team up with other players to fight wave after wave of oncoming bad guys. Anarchy mode is focused on cooperative teamwork and is similar to the Horde mode of gameplay in Gears of War. If you're like me, you've already got your preorder and are anxiously awaiting the adventures of space pirate Grayson Hunt and the other members of Dead Echo that are coming up next month!


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