Jikandia: The Timeless Land Video - PSP Gameplay Intro Trailer

For thousands of years, Jikandia people were happy and at peace, totally ignorant of the concept of time. Then one day, countless hordes of dangerous creatures emerged, bringing chaos to Jikandia and setting the wheels of time spinning again. Suddenly plunged into this new reality and time, people Jikandia thrown into confusion, terror and anarchy.

In the chaos gripping the earth, an ancient spirit known as Temteme, hoping to restore peace and harmony to the land in trouble somehow gained mastery over time and space. With this new power, Temteme tried to summon the nine heroes of legend.

Nine children on their way to school were summoned through time and space to become the champions of Jikandia. However, only Al, who separated from his friends as they travel through a vacuum, appeared before Temteme.

None of them knew what had happened to friends of Al, but it soon becomes clear that Al had to find, and the right Jikandia errors, if it was ever coming home. In Jikandia, must travel through dungeons in search of their friends.


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