PS3 Games adaptable to be Played on The PSP2(NGP)

In a recent interview with Shuhei Yoshida (Sony Computer Entertainment President) He had said that PS3 games will be able to be played by the NGP.  Since this was the very thing they had in mind when they started the development of the this new portable console.  It will be interesting to see the NGP having the same power such as a real home console.  Some say that this may literally be a bad sales strategy for Sony, since many people will then have the option of getting the home console, or the portable console and not both. 

Of course at this time, we are only talking about some of the features the NGP will have, while this portable console will be mainly founded on playing games, the NGP will do much, much more than playing games.  It will be a must buy for fans when it comes out in North America.  The Only one thing that might be a downfall after its release will price.  We all know that Sony has had the reputation of pricing high their gaming electronics.  After knowing the NGP will probably have no equal rival in the portable gaming industry, still the price should be fare for every fan to afford.


  1. hello
    what is different between this PSP3 Here and PSP 3000 Core Pack-Black?

  2. how much will it cost?

  3. @ Pspgames fan,
    if you mean the difference between the PSP2 (NGP) and a PSP 3000, there are huge differences, controls, touch screen, capacity equal to a home console, better graphics and much more...