Is it possible to play DVDs on the Wii?

It always comes to your mind, is it possible to play DVDs, watch movies and listen to songs through Nintendo Wii? In this short post, I'll answer this question. First, the answer will actually shock you. Before I answer the question, you should know some facts about the Wii.

The hardware structure of the Nintendo Wii can easily accept playing DVDs like any DVD player. But for some unknown reasons, they have locked the function of playing DVDs from the software of Wii. They have locked this function although the hardware system can play DVDs.

So, actually your Wii can easily play DVDs but we just need to update the software of the Wii. Just adding that function should be enough to enjoy your time watching your favorite movies, listening to your favorite songs and playing all other DVDs like charm.

Unlike the other video games devices like PS3, they have taken a bad step when they decided to unlock the function of playing DVDs. But you can easily release this great function if you want by using a very simple software that can be connected to your device. Do it now, you can enjoy your time perfectly with your Wii as never before.

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