MLB 2011 The Show For PSP And Playstation 3 - Game Insights

Today, I am going to be doing a preview of MLB 2011 The Show for PSP and Playstation 3. MLB 2011 The Show is set to be released on March, 8th 2011 and is put out by Sony and of course is a Playstation exclusive. The Show series has long been a top notch games series as far as Baseball games go and this years release will be no different.

One of the new main features in MLB 2011 is that they have made AI improvements in order to make the game play even more releastic than ever before. Another feature in this years game is that they will allow you to play against friends on the go in the new AD-Hoc feature. Also become an MLB Superstar in Road to the Show. In Road to the Show you start out at the bottom try to gradually improve until your character is a Major League Superstar. Also offered in MLB 2011 is a rivalry mode that allows you to really compete and ignite old rivalries for a very competitive challenge. Some other updates to the 2011 release of MLB The show will be the batting stances, new stadium looks and also the most up to date rosters for ultimate game play.

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