Best PSP Sports Games - Top 12 List

Here’s a brief description and rating for some of the best 12 PSP sports games released this year and some games of the past which have been outstanding overall.

MLB 11: The Show

MLB: The Show has already established itself as one of the best in the sports genre and among other baseball games. Besides from excellent game play The Show is unique for its “Road to the Show” mode which allows you to create and then take on the role of an individual player, guiding their career from the minor leagues to superstar status and the hall of fame.

The 2011 reincarnation follows through with more of the great baseball action that you’d expect from the franchise. Everything that past versions of the show did great in its game play and presentation, the 2011 version does great as well. The biggest new change is the batter-pitcher match ups which have been tweaked for greater realism. The biggest complaint one could make about MLB 11: The Show is that it doesn’t offer enough new content and features to warrant an upgrade from the 2009 or 2010 versions. In addition there is an annoying glitch in which the ball gets stuck in parts of the stadium architecture. It also would have been nice to add an online multiplayer mode to this year’s version of The Show. However, for those who do not own a previous version, you can’t go wrong buying MLB 11: The Show.

Nba 2K11

This basketball game is probably the best basketball game ever made for the PSP. It features a franchise mode call the Association, a “My Player” mode where you create a player and simulate their career, a season mode, playoffs, tournament, quick games, and practice mode. In this way the game goes above and beyond for what you’d expect a PSP basketball game to be able to offer. It even includes an online mode where you can play against others in 5 on 5, 3 on 3, or 2 on 2. NBA 2K11 is a bit limited in it’s customization and detail compared to platform basketball games, but for those who want a basketball game they can take on the go, NBA 2K11 is the game to get.

Burnout Legends

Burnout Legends features high speed death taunting racing. It’s about pushing the boundaries to the limit and causing massive wrecks (ideally of your opponents) in order to earn boosts that speed you up and keep you in the race. This is the best racing game that you can get for the PSP. The incredibly fast races keep the adrenaline pumping and are so fun you’ll constantly be wanted to play another. Despite a few hitches, the frame rate keeps up magnificently with the rate of speed in which the game is played. One of the most satisfying features is the large variety of crash events and mayhem. The only downside is that single player can get a bit repetitive due to low track variety, but if that happens then just hop online to race against up to five other players and keep the fun going!

Gran Turismo

For those who want a more realistic racing experience, try Gran Turismo. If the main draw of this game could be summed up in one word it would be “variety”. There are over 800 cars to choose from and many different tracks to play on that present all kinds of unique challenges to race them in. While ad hoc multiplayer options are good, the game lacks online play. In addition there is no career mode which many fans of the console Gran Turismo games may miss. Despite these drawbacks the sheer size of the car collection and the handling challenges that come with all of them provide hours of entertainment.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is a superb soccer game for the PSP. The game play is excellent featuring crisp and responsive passing and controls as well as wide variety of outcomes within matches. The result is exciting and vibrant matches. Another great feature is the online Master League which allows players to draft their own teams and then compete against each other. One of the only draw backs of PES 2011 is its lack of licensing which means that many major clubs are not available to play as. In addition some may prefer the slightly more realistic game play offered by FIFA. Those things aside Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 is still a great game.

FIFA Soccer 11

FIFA Soccer 11 is a good game, but not a great game. While it does feature all your favorite soccer clubs and players, it lacks a bit in innovation. The game play and controls are solid. In fact they play almost exactly as last years offering. One new welcome addition to game play is 360 degree dribbling which allows players to move in all directions and pull off some nice moves. Another new addition that doesn’t work very well is the Be A Goalie mode. There’s no real reason to upgrade to this version from FIFA Soccer 10.

Madden NFL 11

This is a pretty good football game for the PSP. The game play is fun and balanced featuring AI that play at a realistic difficulty level. The result is a good challenge that doesn’t leave you frustrated. The game can be a bit buggy at times, but there’s nothing game breaking. It also lacks online play. While not incredibly, this is probably the best football game you’ll find for the PSP so if you’re a big football fan it is worth a buy.

WWE All Stars

WWE All Stars is a high quality wrestling game featuring your favorite WWE superstars from all decades. This game was designed to be intense and over the top and it delivers on that promise. The visuals are very impressive and fun to watch. More importantly game play is fluid with easy to learn controls. The on screen prompts make it hard to forget what to do and make the game accessible to everybody. The only downsides are a few glitches and long load times before matches.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is a beautiful golf game with great game play. There are 15 authentic courses to master as well as a number of tournaments to compete in. The visuals of the game are stunning for a PSP game and feature dynamic weather effects. The controls are excellent making this a wonderfully addicting golf game.

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 returns with more of the sold golf fun that you’d expect from the franchise. This game provides good arcade style golf with game play that is both fast and engaging. There are twelve courses to choose from along with online play for more variety. The biggest downside to the game is that it doesn’t change much from the past version so there is no reason to upgrade. In addition the online servers can be pretty empty at times.

ATV Offroad Fury Pro

This is a great off-road racing game. There are more than 30 vehicles (including buggies, dirt bikes, and trophy trucks) available to race over 64 brand new tracks. Indeed this large variety of things to do in the game is one of its biggest selling points. However, after a while the distinction between the different vehicles and tracks begins to become less apparent. You can also create your own courses with the course creator and then race on them! As if that’s not enough it features fast and lag free online play. Overall it’s a great game for fans of off-road racing that will provide many hours of entertainment.

ModNation Racers

ModNation Racers is a kart racing game with many options for customization as well as various online modes. The main focus of the game besides racing is on creating and sharing custom content. By unlocking bonuses in the career mode you can then use them to create your own karts, racers, and race tracks and then share and play them online. This adds an incredibly fun and unique aspect to an already solid kart racing game. This customization means that karts can be slightly glitch at times, but nothing ot seriously detract from the quality of play.


  1. The baseball is getting more importance these days. It is becoming popular as much as football or basketball in US. I hope it may be the reason for the MLB tournament to come first in the list.

  2. that fifa and nba was tuff !!