Elminage PSP News

 In case checking out dungeons and having a team of sword fighters and… bears seems like a cool plan you might like to have a look at the Elminage collection. 2 from the 1st person dungeon crawlers will be arriving for the Sony's PSP in the near future.

This Elminage era starts of with Elminage Genuine, shown in the image, that had been posponed from April launch to later on in May nineteen within Japan. This particular PS2 to PSP port contains the facial skin load program, a well known characteristic in the PSP video games where one can make use of pictures from the memory stick as gamer symbols. That is how a bear became gotten inside the party.

Elminage 3: The Disciple of Darkness and also the Solar Palace is really a completely new video game inside the series having a day/night period, climate alterations, plus a system that allows you to dungeon share. This particular video game is going to be unveiled on SONY PSP in 06-30-11 in Japan. Despite the fact that UFO Interactive generally accumulates game titles from Starfish, many handed over most of the Elminage games to date.

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