Games I Play on Facebook: Cityville

A game by Zinga.  I like building the city and expanding of the land. It has been quite a challenge to figure out how to be rich in coins, but I think I am getting the hang of it.  In order to have lots of coins and be rich before your friends you will need to consider the 3 main following points: 1.  You need many friends to help you out.  2.  You will need lots of energy to do many tasks in your city.  And 3.  You will need to know how to collect the most coins for the goods.  I did write a page explaining all these in great detail HERE. 

My cityville name is Dukeopollis.  My level there is somewhat high.  Befriend me there so we can play cityville together.  The developers of this game often come up with innovative things to do and some according to holidays.  Cityville is a very fun game to play on facebook.


  1. this is one hell of a game. zynga really knows how to hook players and how to get addicted on it.

  2. Wow.This is wonderful video game.I like the way you post your information since it usually attracts the visitors.Thanks for sharing your information.

  3. Zinga is awesome! Just read an article on these guys in INC magazine and was really impressed how they run their company.