Games I Play on Facebook: Pirate Legacy

I love playing Pirate Legacy on Facebook.  Its one of the games I play a lot.  There are lots of fun things to do such as missions and you can explore the seas on your own.  I think it is mainly a role playing game.  The dress-up equipment is really awesome! I like getting new hair styles, eyes, hats and other armor garments. 

Pirate Legacy is also challenging,  There are monsters that are really hard to defeat.  Strategy comes a lot into play.  Upgrading your skills is of utmost importance as you level up more and more.  Form or Join a UNION of pirates that can help you out in plundering fellow or enemy pirates and take much gold from them.  hahaha! 

You can have a real good time playing Pirate Legacy on Facebook.  It is always good to have many friends as you can send and receive free gifts; Items that should be helpful to you in getting a reputation, experience, and getting strong! 

Befriend me and lets play Pirate Legacy together, I send gifts frequently.  I am at very high level 30+, Parter up with me for a strong party. 


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