X Men Destiny Video Game Insights

X Men Destiny is a new and upcoming video game. This is a game that is based on the comics of X Men. This game is a role playing game in which you control characters and look to complete certain missions. Once you complete all of the missions you will have beaten the game. The X Men Destiny game is playable on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles and will be available on September 27 2011. The game should be a very good and poplular one especially among comic book fans of X Men. With its features and variety of characters this will likely be a very fun game to play.

The plot and premise of the game is quite simple. The world is in danger of due to humans and mutants having a dispute. It is up to three young mutants to change the world and preserve peace between the humans and the mutants. As a player you get to control the mutant of your choice to save the world.

There are some distinct features of X Men Destiny. First you get to control your mutants' destiny. With this feature, you get to make core power and faction decisions which will often lead to significant implications between the X Men and the Mutant Brotherhood. Another feature is discovering your mutants destiny. Players of the game will be able to choose between three new mutants that have a unique and interesting background. You will get to discover their background as you go along in the game.

Unleashing the mutants power is another feature of the game. During the game you will be able to use and control one of the three new mutant abilities and gain more power as the game goes on. You also get to get X Gene enhancements which allow you to obtain the unique abilities of the familiar X Men characters. Along with these features your choices during the course of the game will shape the story and control the destiny of the characters.

With all of these features the X Men Destiny game will be a very interesting and fun game to play. For most video game enthusiasts this will be a great addition to your collection and presents them with much to anticipate.


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