Angry Birds Game Review

Angry Birds is an incredibly successful puzzle game. An Angry Birds cartoon series is in the works. It has sold millions of copies and has even spawned a realm of collectible plush toys. What is it about the game that has turned it into such a success? Of course this game has made its way into lots of platforms and now there is even online angry birds to play at your heart's content

The light-hearted story concerns the Angry Birds attempt to defeat pig egg thieves. Birds are loaded into a slingshot and flung towards the pigs castles. The birds must knock down the castle to defeat the pigs. Each bird has its own unique personality and often shouts jokes and phrases as it flies through the air.

Control in the game is very simple. Players touch the bird that is resting in the slingshot. They then drag their finger backwards to add power to the sling shot. Removing the finger causes the bird to fly across the screen. Dragging a finger up and down changes the angle of the bird’s flight.

Knocking down each castle requires hitting weak spots. Players start with basic red birds. Players then earn more powerful birds. Blue birds explode into smaller birds while white birds drop exploding eggs. Black birds simply explode.

Players must be careful with their bird selection and use. They have a limited supply of birds. Running out of birds ends the level immediately. Players can retry as often as they like, which gives players the opportunity to recover from mistakes.

And players will make plenty of mistakes. Most of the levels in Angry Birds are very challenging to defeat. Some castles have thick stone walls that require explosions to be destroyed. Others have one specific but difficult to hit spot that will destroy the whole castle. The high challenge combined with the simple controls and the light hearted nature of the game increases its replay value.

Lastly, Angry Birds is a game that is appropriate for a wide range players. Children will appreciate the silly tone and the simple control scheme. Adults will appreciate the challenge and strategy necessary to win. 63 challenging levels should keep players coming back for more for a long time. Angry Birds has been released for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, the Palm Pre phone, the Nokia N900 handset, Symbian 3 phones, Google Android, Playstation Portable, Playstation 3, Windows 7, Nook Color e-reader and on online only version that runs on WebGL. Ports have been proposed for the XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and Facebook.

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