Spider Man - Edge of Time

Spider Man has become an institution since the comic days, and has grown into a franchise that has moved beyond the typical comic books and playing cards into a global phenomenon. Movies, toys, clothing, everyone loves Spider Man, and this includes gamers in Canada! The newest episode in the gaming saga is Spider Man - Edge of Time, which is generating so much hype that gaming stockists are having trouble dealing with pre-order demand ahead of the October 4th release date. The game puts gamers into the crazy world of Spidey in the year 2099, in keeping with the latest comic book evolution penned by Peter David. In a sick and corrupt future, Spider Man must battle even harder against a whole range of new villains in order to keep the streets clean and crime free.

The action game is set in two alternate timelines, where players must guide Spidey through a variety of tasks and adventures. What makes the game stand out is the fact that there is causal game play. Players need to carefully consider the way they play in timeline one, as their actions there will have direct consequences in the second timeline. Guide Spidey through his battles in both worlds to help him shut down the scum that is wreaking havoc in the future.

A game loaded with surprises, Spider Man - Edge of Time has all the elements that have made the games so popular since the launch of the game on PS1. Epic battles, crazy web abilities, snappy dialogue and a constantly shifting storyline all ensure a game that is going to be as addictive as its predecessors. Don't expect to be able to put this one down until you've mastered web slinging, hand to hand combat, complex puzzles and exploring absolutely massive environments. The game is currently available on the 360, but there are well-founded rumours of a DS release.

Even if you are not a fan of Spider Man himself, or feel that Toby McGuire ruined the whole character of Peter Parker, this game is great as a standalone exercise in adventure gaming. It really makes you feel like you can climb walls and stop crime just like your friendly neighbourhood Spider Man. For once the hype around a game, and we predict that the timelines, plot, and consequential gaming style of Spider Man - The Edge of Time, will be a smash that will stand the test of gaming time. This guest post was written by freelance writer Victoria. She is currently, studying the Canadian economy.


  1. I am also a fan of spider man. I have seen all the movies of spider man and have been read the comics also based on spider man. I like the spider man games also.

  2. Spider-man Edge of the time is really best action game. I have enjoyed a lot due to battles with amazing story. Although story, controls,layouts, graphics were amazing.. Hope we will get its new series as soon.