Sony PS Vita Best Features - PS Vita Replay

So what makes the new Sony's member of the Playstation family; the Playstation Vita the most powerful gaming handheld in the world?  There are so many features this portable packs that is just unbelievable.  One and the main is that it has graphics equals to that of the PS3.  Wow amazing!!

The PS Vita has touch screen capabilities, and also has touch back function.  It has dual analog sticks for complete accurate controls, so games can be played in a great and original multitude of ways.  It has original Playstation controls for those who are used to playstation gaming.

It has a built-in GPS system, microphone, and a lot more goodies.  This is surely a high tech device that surely blows the competition away.  There are more news, and content about it; Check out PS Vita  Thanks for your visits and have a great day! :D


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