The Best PSP Games Of 2011

This year 2011, its being said to be the year of demise for the PSP.  Why? the PSP had a good half year, good game releases, but mid 2011 marked the date of the possible death of PSP: yep slow game releases, and so the disinterest of playing PSP games has grown. And now with all the rumors about the Vita more the reason for the PSP to make way for the future of handheld gaming.  So, Vita will dominate the portable gaming market coming 2012 and probably some years to come.

Here are the best releases I found this year for the PSP:

1. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 2 Innocent Sin is a turn-based Role-Playing Game (RPG) for PlayStation Portable. It is the last of the existing Japanese Persona games to be released in North America. Innocent Sin is a port of this 1999 game originally released for PlayStation that together with Persona 2: Eternal Punishment are sequels to the original game in the Persona series, Revelations: Persona. The game features addictive single player RPG gameplay, powerful "Personas" that are aspects of character's personalities manifested in magic based abilities, party based combat, random battles, a range of improvements over the original Sony gaming console release and the ability to alter the realities of the game by spreading rumors to non-player characters encountered.

2. Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy Cosmos, the goddess of harmony. Chaos—god of discord. Two divine powers locked in an endless struggle, each seeking to reign supreme. Long has the world played stage to their violent conflict, now at peace, now teetering on the verge of annihilation, but never for a moment striking a balance between the two. The scars of war run deep across the realm. And still these battles rage on, a tempest the eons cannot quell.The divine conflict between harmony and discord rages on, the fate of the world its promised prize. Fighting to secure it are brave souls summoned for that solitary purpose. These warriors, relying on what fragments of their shattered memories remain, fight to end the conflict - and for a chance to return home, to the worlds they each once knew.

3. In Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, you will experience a lost tale of political intrigue, conquest, and rebellion. It is your choices through a branching storyline that determine the fate of the Walister Resistance, characters in the game, and the story as a whole. Your rebellion is enhanced with reworked visuals, effects, a re-arranged soundtrack by the original composers, new character growth mechanics, and a new Wheel of Fortune system that adds even more replay value to the game. Get ready for an evolved "tactics" gameplay experience on the PSP! The creators of Final Fantasy Tactics bring you the next evolution in Tactics games from Square Enix in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together! A dream team lead by Yasumi Matsuno has reunited to bring a perfect vision of their lost tale of political intrigue, conquest, and rebellion to vivid life. Experience an epic story where your choices determine the fate of the Walister Resistance. Order Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together today!

4. Patapon 3 is a Music-Rythym game with light strategy and RPG elements for PlayStation Portable (PSP) that challenges players in the role of the godhead of the rhythmic oriented Patapons to save the tribe from an all-new scourge that has been unleashed upon them. The third release in the PSP exclusive Patapon franchise, Patapon 3 features a deeper campaign mode than earlier releases, as well as eight-player support via a local ad-hoc wireless connection as well as over the Internet. In addition, players can expect co-op quest and capture the flag modes, improved character customization and select text chat functionality.

5. The 3rd Birthday - Hideous creatures descend on Manhattan. Ground reports from the squad tasked with containing the pandemonium refer to these life forms as "the Twisted." An investigatory team known as the CTI is formed within the year. The Overdive system emerges as a means of opposition, but only one viable candidate exists - Aya Brea. A gift as she awakens from a lost past on this, the occasion of her third birth. Take control of Aya Brea, the indomitable heroine from the Parasite Eve® series, in a visually stunning third-person shooter RPG. As the world rests on the brink of destruction by a horrific enemy known as "the Twisted," Aya remains the only candidate able to change the events of the past and save humanity from extinction.

6. The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is the first of a new trilogy in the established The Legend of Heroes RPG series. A highly detailed 3D world, beautiful original soundtrack, and unique strategic battle system showcase production values a generation beyond the previous iteration. An epic story about preserving the peace against all odds spanning over 50 hours of gameplay, with numerous optional side quests, makes this the biggest adventure ever available on a handheld system.

7. ModNation Racers is a kart style racing game for PlayStation Portable (PSP) designed to provide gamers on the go with the same outstanding gameplay found in the PS3 version. The game features all the track-based driving and comic combat players relish in the kart racing genre, blended with extreme customization, and online sharing of user generated content expected of a modern online multiplayer title. Additional features included a single player career mode with 25+ crazy tracks, the PSP exclusive Last Kart Standing Mode and 6-racer multiplayer support via online or local ad-hoc wireless connections.

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