Nintendo Wii- The Motion Gaming Redefined

On November 19, 2006, Nintendo’s codeword “revolution” was revealed and world was presented with essence of motion gaming that is Nintendo Wii. Surfaced as a rival for X-box and PS, Nintendo Wii broke all sales record in history of gaming consoles. The zeal to create something unique urged Shigeru Miyamoto, the game designer of Nintendo revolutionized the concept of motion gaming. Nintendo Wii or simply Wii (as the company marketed it) features three categorically different yet identical technical brilliancies. The device has a wireless gaming set-up that has mastered the art of pointing and motion sensing. Along with that, the console has all day net connectivity to flood you with updates. 3D game dynamics have been portrayed so beautifully that one cannot resist wearing the Wii strap and waiting for the chance, definitely one will bounce off the couch. It is all together a family’s play.

Adorable features-

1. Motion Gaming- Unlike previous releases by other manufacturers, Wii is better when comes to the detection of bodily motions. The science behind motion sensing is enhanced and accelerometers and sensors are wiser. For the enhancement of real time gaming Wii MotionPlus was released.

2. TV inspired Menu look- The first screen displays many windows each to launch a channel. The ‘point’ concept of Wii is useful to personalize the look.

3. Compatible with older releases- Wii is backward compatible supporting Nintendo GameCube’s software and controllers. GameCube discs and GameBoy advance are also supported by Wii without enhancements.

4. Nintendo DS compatibility- Wii supports DS wirelessly without making use of additional connectives. The DS inputs via touch screen; microphone are directly passed on to the Wii games.

5. Wii connect24- the console allows the gamer to go online via 802.11b/g inbuilt Wi-Fi or via cable. Nintendo provides free Wi-Fi service for Wii users. The connect24 service has multifold uses like forecasting, news update and other channels. Console has the ability to connect to other Wi-Fi networks with the help of self generated LAN network. Third party devices can make use of net connectivity.

Some tech details-

Powered by “Broadway” processor manufacturing courtesy IBM, the device has graphics supported by ATI developed GPU named “Hollywood”. Both the processors are 90nm backed by CMOS and clocked at 729 and 243 MHZ respectively. 88 MB of memory provided by the manufacturer is broken into 24 MB and 64MB, internal and external respectively. This complete family game as they say supports of 16 Wii controllers via Bluetooth. Two USB and memory card slots are provided to expand the memory for game saves.

The family edition has released with almost same specifications except the support for GameCube discs. Never mind, still there are bounty of games at your disposal.  Now, with tech advances, you are wise to think that getting yourself a preowned Wii is not a bad idea. since now the cost of it has dropped, but yet getting the best of the game library which was not there before.

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