Top 5 Android Game Apps

You simply can't go anywhere without observing someone, somewhere on their cell phone or tablet and about 90% of the time will be playing games to pass the time by or to just plain out and out pay a new and exciting game app!
The new fad in this day and time is the growing popularity of Android game apps and literally everyone is jumping in on this bandwagon one way or another! If you are an Android game app lover then read on because I've got the top 5 Android app games that everyone wants to get their hands on!
Let’s check them out!

Angry Birds

Angry Bird will always be one of the most popular Android game apps of all time and in game app history! If you aren't already familiar with this highly popular Android game app then let me fill you in on what you have been missing out on!
In the game Angry Birds, the birds are of course angry. Why are they angry’? Well the birds are angry with the green pigs that have stolen their eggs. So the Angry Birds now seek revenge against the green pigs by destroying the hiding pigs through sling shots. In a nutshell, Angry Birds, believe it or not, is one of the most educational Android game apps because it turns the boredom of physics into what many people will call an addicting, amazing, and exciting game all in one! One of the best features of getting your hands on this popular Android game app is of course that it is free to download.
You can easily download the app and be playing in matter of minutes! So if you haven't got a chance to experience the ever-growing popular Android game app, Angry Birds, then you simply don't know what you are missing out on! Find out what all the hype is about and download the Angry Birds game app today!

Honeycomb Ping Pong

Remember the days when you love table tennis back in high school and wish you could get them all back again? Well you can through this popular and high in demand Android game app! Honeycomb Ping Pong is of course a classic game where you play with two rackets and a ball bouncing on a table in between two opponents. You can play Honeycomb Ping Pong in four different modes, single player, two players, Wi-Fi play and of course online play.
When you choose to play Honeycomb Pin Pong in single player mode you play against a computer, where you can choose your difficulty level, easy, medium, hard, and expert. In two player mode, you will always be playing with a second human player on the same device such as cell phone or tablet. In Wi-Fi play you will play against another human player that is in your wireless zone.
Lastly, the online play mode allows you to play against other players all around the world. Many people will use the online play mode if they happen to not be able to find anyone to play with in their wireless zone. Honeycomb Ping Pong is a very fun and exciting game and can become very addictive and a great way to pass time by. You can easily download this incredible Android game app for a measly $0.99 and a game app that you definitely want to get your hands on and well worth the small investment!

Backbreaker THD

Backbreaker THD is the ultimate football fan game app! No more trying out and hoping you make it, with Backbreaker THD you can play your very own football game right from your cell phone or tablet! This particular Android game app allows you to enjoy a virtual bone crushing and nerve wrecking football game with some of the best animations, HD visuals, and breathtaking simulation technology ever featured in an Android game app! There have been many raved reviews when it comes to this particular Android game app and is increasingly popular amongst both men and women!
So if you enjoy the game of football, then this is definitely the Android game app for you! You can easily download this Android game app in a matter of minutes for $4.99. Although this particular Android game app is a bit more on the pricey end, it is well worth the investment once you see the graphics and gameplay with this particular game app! They definitely went a step beyond your average Android game app and something that you have to actually experience yourself to really see how well worth the money this game app truly is!

Cross Fire

If you love shooting, then this is definitely the Android game app for you! In this exciting and fun shooter game you get to enjoy your very own counter-terrorism battle! In each of the game plays you will get briefed on your up and coming battles, where you can also choose and pick your own weapons to be used! This particular Android game app is very similar to the game Counter Strike, which is also a very popular game app to acquire! Cross Fire is definitely one of the most popular shooting games in the Android app market and something you definitely want to get your hands on for the ultimate shooting experience and game play that is not only addicting but an app that will be marked as one of your favorites!

Texas Hold'em Poker - Zynga Poker

Alright, all you casino lovers, this is the ultimate Android game app for you! In this one-of-a-kind casino Android game app you can literally go against opponents all around the world! Players can choose to play at any poker table, while socializing with other players around the world or players can choose to play a casual game of poker or at a VIP table.
There is also a leader board that shows chip rankings amongst players as well as a gift shop that allows players to decorate their seats! So if you love playing the game of poker, then this is definitely the Android game app for you! The best part is this incredible game app is totally free, so no more wasting your hard earned money only to gamble it away and lose it, you get to play and gamble completely free!
There are tons and tons of Android game apps available in all different areas of fun! Make sure that you check out these incredible Android game apps and more in the Android market and start jumping on the bandwagon of exciting and fun Android game apps today!
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