5 Family-Friendly Wii Games Your Kids Will Love

While any die-hard gamer will admit that the Nintendo Wii makes a great solo game console, it’s hard to deny the social aspect of being able to move around, play interactive games against other people, and generally have a good time. This is especially true of parents who are looking for a great way to connect with their kids and generally promote a more healthy way of gaming than simply sitting on a chair all day.

With that in mind, it’s also important that the Wii games your kids play are age-appropriate. That’s why we’ve decided to put together a list of five family-friendly Wii games that your kids are guaranteed to love – and games that simultaneously won’t make you doubt for the future of humanity.

1. Wii Sports
Is there a more comprehensive Wii game that suits just about everyone under the sun than Wii Sports? Not only is it family friend, but it’s fun enough that people of all ages can enjoy it; there are also enough sports that you can switch between games if you ever get bored. And considering the average attention span of a child in 2012, that’s a good thing, helping to ensure your children stay ensnared by this family-friendly game for the long haul.

2. Mario Party 8
Really, there’s no better combination of family-friendly fun and serious actual fun than Mario Party. These games are not only a franchise with a great history of entertainment, but the challenges are always family-friendly and easily grasped by your youngest – even if you have a little more trouble figuring out the challenges than your kids. If you don’t have at least one Mario Party title, you’re missing out on serious family fun.

3. Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: the Video Game
Yes, it sounds kind of like it’s targeted for kids and not the entire family. But that’s because you aren’t aware of how great and addicting many Lego titles can be; we just happened to pick this Pirates of the Caribbean edition. But don’t forget there are other Lego titles available ranging from Star Wars to Batman.

4. Monopoly Streets
Monopoly has been around a while precisely because it already meets the criteria of being both family-friendly and fun. Translated to the Wii console, it’s getting new life as an electronic-age challenge that introduces new obstacles that even the most Monopoly-weary parents will love. Plus, you can’t help but love the way Monopoly subtly teaches your children a little bit about money – well, sort of.

5. Wipeout 2
What family can’t get together and laugh over a great wipeout? Considering that’s the theme of the Wipeout series – a spinoff from the ABC family-friendly TV series – there’s really no reason not to get this title for your kids if they already enjoy the TV show. Just make sure that you don’t get a little too carried away with the wipeout theme in your own living room or basement.

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