The Effect Gaming Has On Our Eyes...And What To Do About It

Top 4 Tips: How To Combat Bad Eyes From

When gaming for a long time, do you often find that your eyes hurt and get unfocussed? Perhaps sitting at school or work all day and then coming home for an epic gaming session is really doing some damage? If you want to know what's going on and how to treat it, read on.

A computer requires people to focus continuously, unlike a book it's a lot more challenging. This is because a computer screen has the added element of screen contrast, flicker and glare.  Although computer monitors for home PCs and laptops have come leaps and bounds since their heyday, the technology is still not optimised for prolonged viewing, particularly for long gaming sessions.

For gamers with pre-existing eye problems such as near-sightedness and astigmatism, this can actually make the problem worse.  Older gamers will find that the problems will get worse as they get older.  After the age of 40 the lens of the eye becomes less flexible and the ability to focus on objects worsens.

Get Rid of Gamer's Gawk

Computer Vision Syndrome could also be nicknamed the Gamer's Gawk and includes the symptoms of blurred and double vision, dry red or itchy eyes, headaches, neck and back pain. The effects of CVS are not permanent or long-term and will go away with a rest from gaming. In lieu of taking a rest though, here are some exercises that help:

Adjust Room Illumination and Screen Contrast

The room shouldn't be too bright that the monitor is washed out, likewise it shouldn't be too dark that you need to squint to see the screen.  The screen should be adapted to the surrounding light in the room. 

Eye Exercises

These exercises are great not only for gaming but for work or school when lots of concentration is needed. Do them two to five times a day for optimal benefit.

•    Open your eyes widely and then look from side-to-side, up and down, then diagonally. Do this approximately ten times.

•    Look at an imaginary clock on the wall and focus at the 12 o'clock point and then slowly move the eyes around the dial one minute at a time, then do this anti-clockwise.

•    Put your hands in front of your eyes and then slowly remove them and focus upon a point in the distance outside of a window. Do this about 5 to 10 times.

Herbal Treatments

Combine the exercises, a wee nap and these herbal remedies to remove eye strain and CVS.

•    Cranberry or Blueberry Extract: Is beneficial and treat eye strain by increasing blood flow to the eye area, take three capsules daily.

•    Goldenseal: Use this as an eye compress, the berberine compound in goldenseal constricts blood vessels and treats bloodshot eyes.

•    Licorice Tea: This should be taken as a tea, not as a sweet.  This has anti-inflammatory qualities and helps to relieve the itchy discomfort, redness and eyestrain.

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