Online Gaming: Virtual Exercise

Before you proceed with your persistent rules forbidding your kids from playing online games, it may help to know that there are also benefits that come with online gaming. Other than giving your kids an excellent entertainment pleasure that is so good, they couldn’t stop playing with it, online games can be a good form of exercise – exercise of the mind, that is.

Without further ado, these are the benefits of online gaming which will help you ease out a little from your futile attempts in banning your kids from this internet based activity:
  1. Online games improve problem-solving and decision-making skills – In playing games, players have certain goals like saving a damsel in distress, crossing a life-threatening town, killing as much enemies as possible, etc. There will always be obstacles and different options in getting out of these obstacles. It is up to the player how and what options to choose that will lead him to achieving his goals.           
  2. Online games boost memory – Online games which are less violent such as Sudoku, puzzles or mah-jong targets the players’ memory and responsiveness. These games are challenging and at the same time fun to play for kids and adults as well.
  3. Hand and eye coordination skills – While online games may not let you play real games that involves the hands and eyes such as throwing ball and speed stacks but online games in general also involves a quick reaction of your hands to what is visioned in your computer screen. Controls in online games come from mostly the hands which manipulates the keyboard or mouse which in turn, manipulates the game. Players should be quick to move their hand in accordance with the circumstances in the game. If this skill is developed, the online gamer can apply this when playing outdoor games.
  4. Improves social skills – Games with multiplayer modes or those that lets you play with another opponent that is online can encourage teamwork and sportsmanship. Interaction also takes place in groups, forums, and organizations where gamers sharing the same interests meet-up.
Final Words            
Although these benefits could be among the reasons to let your kids enjoy online games, it is important to keep in mind that spending too much with this internet activity can lead to destructive addiction. Proper controls should be in place always and most of all, parents should aim at fostering a healthy bond within the family to prevent kids from seeking attention or diverting their concerns outside their families.

For a family’s convenient but moderated online gaming experience, a fast and reliable internet connection should be in place. With the help of broadband comparison sites such as Broadband Expert, households will be on their way to getting the right internet connection for their healthy online gaming activities.

About the Author:
Krystine is a gaming enthusiast and loves to play online games . She is also a co-writer at Broadband Expert. Broadband Expert internet providers comparison site helps internet users get the ideal provider that will suit their internet connection needs.

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