Fun Internet Games To Play Whilst At the Office

The office is a place for working but every now and then you need a little downtime and playing internet games is a great way to do this. Some of the games that are suggested will make you look like you are working when you are actually playing games. They will help you kill that last half an hour of work that seems to last for days. You shouldn't play games all the time as this is generally frowned upon in a working environment but in some cases it can actually make you more productive if you take a small break. Here are some good internet games to play when you do decide to have a little downtime.

8 Ball Pool Multiplayer

This is a popular game from, which is a famous site for internet games. 8 Ball pool is an American version of pool in which you have to pot either all the stripes or all the solid balls and then pot the 8 ball last. This internet version of the game is highly addictive. It allows you to make your own custom characters and play with other people worldwide. Each time you win a tournament you get credits which can then be used to buy new cues.


Tetris is a retro game that was originally designed and progammed by a man named Alexey Pajitnov. Due to its popularity there are now many different versions of the game available online. It is a game that can be played for hours and never gets boring. I don't advise you to play it for hours when you are at work though as the boss will not be happy!

Google Pac-Man

Like Tetris, Pac-man is a retro game that is extremely popular that many people already know about. However playing Pac-man at work is a little too obvious. Luckily for the Pac-man fans that are out there is a google Pac-man. The Pac-man game is where the google logo is so it just looks like you are casually looking on Google. If anyone ever comes over you can just start typing and they will have no idea you were playing games.

Robot Unicorn Attack

This game is very simple, you are a unicorn and the aim is to collect as many butterfly fairies as you can. It is very fun to play and you also have the option of playing it through your Facebook account. There is sequel to this game called Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution which is also extremely fun to play.

Whatever office space you are in, may it be London offices, L.A offices these games will always be fun to play whilst at work. Enjoy!

Fun Internet Games To Play Whilst At the Office - by Sonia Meehan. Sonia is a writer at Dryland among many others now writing about London offices.

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