The Top Three Online Games and Why They are So Popular

Many people love playing games online, but what are the top choices? Do they involve anything like a CJ Pony Mustang for racing or are they the popular puzzle games on Facebook? With thousands of games to choose from it's hard to figure out which ones are the most popular. However, if you look at all the choices out there a few stand out.

These top games can provide hours of fun and they are all free to play online. That is an important part because many games like World of Warcraft and other interactive games are very popular, but they can also be very expensive. Here are the top three online games you can play without spending any money.

Free Online Games for Hours of Fun

1.  Frontierville

At this very moment, Frontierville tops the charts. This is a Facebook game that allows the players to build a Frontier. It starts with a cabin in a woods surrounded by bears and other animals. If you have every played the game Farmville, another Facebook choice, then you will love playing Frontierville. They are very similar in the way they work, but based on two different things.

You can play this game without spending any money, but you do get the option of purchasing Facebook credits if you want to advance faster through the game. You won't be able to get a Mustang fuel tank with these credits, but they will allow you to stabilize your frontier easier and can make the game more enjoyable.

2.  FriendsHangout

This game is a bit new, but is already creating a stir online. You can create your own world and invite friends to explore it with you. It is considered a role-playing game and many people are spending hours playing it every single day. You don't want to become addicted, but when you control your own world, it's hard not to.

3.  Real Estate Tycoon

Many people love this game and they love that they can play it with other real estate professionals. You get to be an agent and sell homes in a virtual market. The best part is you can play against other people from around the world and see who is the best at building a business in the real estate industry.

There are many games you can play free on Facebook and other social networks. These interactive games can provide you with hours of fun and can allow you to test your skills against other players. You want to find the best game for you and the only way to do that is to try out a few different choices. Figure out what you like and find a game that fits with a hobby you already enjoy, if you want to make the decision easier.

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