Experience a Good Game with the Xbox 360 Controller

Your performance while playing a game is determined by two things—your gaming skills and the controller you are using. The ease of the operating the controller determines how fast you are and although it has always been great for action games, the same holds false for shooter games and RTS.

Well, this was before Microsoft broke the barrier by designing the Xbox controller. As if that was not enough, Microsoft went ahead and improved the design to produce the Xbox 360 controller which delivers an efficient and consistent gaming experience. As a result, many gamers have grown fond of this controller and have found it easy and intuitive for playing games—whether shooter or platform games.

About Xbox 360 Controllers

The Xbox 360 design is borrowed from the one used for the original Xbox, called the Controller S. Unlike the original Xbox, most Xbox 360 controllers are wireless. In addition, Microsoft dealt with the latency and bandwidth issues by creating a proprietary technology. As a result, the Xbox 360 can efficiently support four wireless controllers at any given time.

You can connect the wireless controller to the USB ports on the console or to an attached USB hub. Generally, Xbox 360 offers a gaming experience with awesome precision and control that will certainly set the pace for other game controllers.

Why the Xbox 360 Controller is Good

The wireless model gives the players the freedom of mobility—ease of movement—and the ability to switch the controllers between various players. Though many gamers prefer the wireless model, it has to be recharged as it uses batteries. Fortunately, this is not a big problem as the batteries last for a long time before being replaced.

But if you are not comfortable with the issue of low battery holding back your gaming experience; you can always opt for the wired version. This way, there is no need for recharging or replacing the batteries. However, you will be forced to stick near the console.

Wireless controllers ensure the connection is less prone to disturbance and also faster overall.  It is due to these reasons that both the pros and casual gamers are fond of it.  There are other reasons as well, like sitting further back from the screen since no wires restricting the distance are involved. And talking about wires, did I say that your friends will not trip over the cords? Yes, plus no tangle of wires equals less confusion, thus, it’s easier to keep track of who is holding which controller.

Additionally, the wireless controller, though it requires a wireless game receiver, is compatible with most PCs.

Are you the best?

If you think no gamer in your neighborhood can defeat you, why don’t you try online? The Xbox 360 allows players to compete against each other online. Well, you will surely have a pool of other hardcore gamers to compete against.

But all this comes down to one point. You have to choose the right controller, either wireless or wired, depending on your playing style. And by the way, if you claim to be a hardcore PlayStation lover or enthusiast, you should own the best equipment sold including the Xbox 360 controller!

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