Dark Souls II Review

The original Demon Souls has become notorious as one of the most difficult games franchises to play in recent memory.

The titled lacked the traditional check-point system where players can revert to the beginning of a section w they died. Instead, the title had a minimal amount of check-points, and if the player perished, it meant losing hours of valuable experience and hard-fought battles. But that is also the reason why the title became popular in its own right – it was the incredibly difficult mechanics that kept users coming back for more. Even if it was just to prove that they can beat the game.

The title has become so popular that From Software announced a sequel to the action roleplaying open world Dark Souls, with Dark Souls II set to launch in March next year. The Japanese are no strangers to horror, having been responsible for some of the most horrific titles and films, and they will be at the helm again.

Although Hidetaka Miyazaki served as director for Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, he will not return as director for Dark Souls II, but will instead act as a supervisor and the game will be directed by Tomohiro Shibuya and Yui Tanimura. In what is also a bit of a surprise to fans of the franchise, Miyazaki stated that there will be no direct connection between Dark Souls and Dark Souls II.

Just like the emotional and involved plot of Demon’s Souls story, the plot for Dark Souls II will see a cursed character trying to find a cure for their agony, but no specifics have been made known yet. While Miyazaki explained that the two titles are linked, he said that “if the first game was set in the North Pole, this one would be in the South Pole; that sort of contrast.” Players of the previous title will also be happy to learn that co-director Tomohiro Shibuya said that the studio has no intention of changing the control scheme and gameplay mechanics will be similar to its predecessor.

A number of changes will naturally be incorporated into the title, and one of them will be a change in how Covenants work. The aspect allows players to align with different factions, and this time around it will be made easier to understand and more accessible to players. It has also been revealed that the game world be about twice the size of the first Dark Souls, with the beginning of the title being a bit more accommodating to new players, as they might not be familiar with the full scope of the title.

This will prove to be an invaluable tool, as they title will continue with the franchise’s challenging gameplay. “We do not plan on having an Easy Mode since we are creating this game with a thought that challenge and difficulty are core elements of the game,” Tanimura said.

Continuing with the difficult gameplay, players are in for an epic battle

Developer: From Software
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games
Distributer: Megarom

XBOX 360

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