Dragonball Z: Battle of Z

The Z-Fighters burst back into action with yet another action packed saga that sees Goku and friends face off against a new enemy, one that is sure to push the Z-Fighters to whole new levels.

Play through the entire Dragonball Z storyline, from the threat of the Saiyans and the defining battle against Frieza straight through to the Majin Buu saga. Experience other side chronicles based on the Dragonball Z movies featuring characters such as Frieza’s brother Cooler, Goku’s father Bardock and the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. Face off against a roster of over 70 familiar characters from the Dragonball Z universe, including fighters from the recently released movie Battle of Gods.

Battle of Z will introduce a new battle system that allows up to eight players to face off at once in a four versus four battle, or fight against gigantic foes in an intense four player team bout reminiscent of the Dragonball Z anime. Players will be able to team up for special techniques, such as launching continuous team attacks against the enemy or offering up energy to bring a fighter back into the battle, or ki to power up a fighter for one last ultimate move.

With four different battle types for the characters - Fighting Type, Ki Blast Type, Support Type and Interference Type - this new battle system means players will have to rely on one another to take down foes, utilizing all of their abilities in both ground and sky battles to be victorious.

Dragonball Z: Battle of Z looks to bring something new and fresh into the genre with the unique team battle feature and various game modes that will be available to play.

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