Top 4 Vita games Released on Summer 2014

The top 4 PS Vita games released this summer had some things in common: they’re all Japan-inspired and each of them has a unique anime feel for every type of player. Every game is perfectly hot off the presses, whether as a platformer or a revamp that offers a lot more than their predecessors. Such is what can be said about Arcana Heart: Love Max!!!!! It’s a fighting game that most fans could say is an anime spinoff of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with a femme-ish touch of everything. You get to play with 23 characters, which came from previous titles and those exclusive on the third release. When it was launched for the PS Vita, Hardcore Gamer gave a score of 4/5. It has elements that would instantly attract you into playing it. The art, the graphics, the gameplay, and even the battle system and dynamics are worth checking out.

Next in the list is Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Academy, also coming from a previous release in the PlayStation Portable back in 2012. What makes this title unique from the other top 3 titles is its murder mystery gameplay. It’s so interesting that it could immerse you into playing for hours in search of the truth. You’ll come across unique gaming concepts of argue spots, truth bullets, truth swords, and even rebuttal showdowns. You may think of it as Ace Attorney with a younger and fresher twist. The creativity of the game is so successful that it sold over 69,000 copies in its opening week. Majority of the players who reviewed and tested Danganronpa’s PS Vita release was glad with this contemporary idea.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1 is added to the top list as a free-roaming, all-female, anime RPG that’s set to keep things in balance. Also a remake from its original in PS3, it also gained success when created for the Vita. But what made it appeal to the masses is how an extensive collaboration of characters from MarvelousAQL, CyberConnect2, Broccoli, Falcom, and Bandai Namco was fused into one game that seems to make jokes about the gaming industry. Don’t forget to mention that the name of the gaming world as “Gamindustry”, which is just too obvious to pass up. It may be compared to most titles in the past, but it has more features up in its sleeve.

You got an RPG, a fighting game, and a mystery graphic novel. What completes the list is a strategy game famous for its unique graphics, a different battle system, and its silly antics. Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited may be another adaptation from its PS3 counterpart, but there are unique content that’s up for grabs. You’ll enjoy some stuff that was never available with the console version such as character backstories, new characters, enhancements, and downloadables. There is much to anticipate with the new release as gamers have claimed that it was the best Disgaea series that ever came out since its original release in 2003. With such great titles to play in this year’s summer release, looks like life’s a beach ‘til the end of autumn.

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