Best PS4 Games of 2014

There are quite a number of PS4 games and we have listed the Best PS 4 Games 2014 for you.

1. Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

This MMO role playing invites players to explore Eorzea’s world along with companions from all around the globe. Making friendships, climbing up on the chocobo, taking trips on an airship with your new found friends and creating your unique and adventurous stories all within the Final Fantasy Universe is fun. Experience venture filled epic quests and clash with Final Fantasy monsters all by yourself or take help from your friends. Every player comes with his or her very own unique skill and equipment to face the battle and they keep acquiring wide array of powers throughout the game. So work together to create a strong fate of Eorzea

2 Dragon Age: Inquisition

You can choose and lead your group of players to sail through vexing battles against a flotilla of enemies waiting to stump you down. From notorious, devastating High Dragons to the most dangerous of demonic forces-you have to face them all from the other world of the Fade. It is your chance to move ahead toe-to-toe in instinctive, gallant combat as your acolytes gradually engage at your side or switch over to the tactical view to synchronize fatal offensives using the mighty power of your courageous army. Through the living world, observe results and gradually assemble strong structure, build outposts and adjust landscape as environments with exceptional characters that look more than real.

3. Driveclub

Developed by Evolution Studios, Driveclub deals with you and your companions. This game is all about teamwork and working together as a team, fighting for each other and mutually earning tons of rewards. Well, most interestingly, you get to share the essence and sheer ecstasy of every race that you are about to undertake.

4. Far Cry 4

In the lofty and soaring high Himalayas is hidden a country which is steeped in tradition and aggression. You play as Ajay Ghale, who is returning to your birthplace, revisit harsh snow capped summits and lush forests of Kyrat, to fulfill your mother’s last wish that is to spread her ashes. This mysteriously enormous and erratic country offers its visitors prospect and unknowing threat. Players have to deal with the threats, which may linger around under the regime of a dictatorial self-appointed king. You get to use a flotilla of arms and weapons animals and vehicles and win your battle in the exotic open world landscape.

5. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor:

If you are in for action-packed adventure then this is the game for you. It is time to discover the plot that revolves around revenge and salvation and players have to take the role of Talion, a heroic ranger whose family is destroyed and massacred right before his eyes the night Sauron along with his army return to Mordor, just a few minutes before his own life is taken. Talion again rose from the dead, by a spirit of retribution and empowered with ghostly abilities; Talion returns to Mordor and takes a vow to devastate anyone who comes in his way.

6. Helldivers

This game can be enjoyed by both single-player campaigns and can be extended to four players, Helldivers is a high-end shooter and has to undergo a sardonic and dystopian future and players here fight to defend “Super Earth,” where there is managed democracy from the outside but is getting blurred between government and military rule. The war is not coming to a positive end and only Helldivers are the last defense force, which can help us to stay protected from enemy species. You get to explore and gain unique signaling mechanic and in case you need to create reinforcements, you have the power to send across signals to your friends as they can come forth and help you in your battle.

7. Destiny

Destiny provides you a fantastical and incredible story, which is set freshly, newly imagined and has an ever connected universe which is filled with power packed adventure, endeavor and action. From the publisher of Call of Duty and makers of Halo, Destiny is definitely one game, which comes with its set of thrills, and adventure you will love to discover.

8. Child of Light

The notorious Black Queen has hijacked the Moon, Sun and sparkling stars and you have to take the role of Aurora. Aurora is a valiant princess, who has a sincere and untainted heart and her soul is bought to the kingdom of Lemuria. You have to fight against all odds and embark on a venture so that you can reclaim the three eminent light sources and have to end up trouncing the disreputable Black Queen. Thus, your purpose here is to re-establish the kingdom of Lemuria. This is one of those mystifying 2D side-scrolling role-playing game, which is highly inspirational, and keeps you glued until you reach your goal.

9. Minecraft PS4

Here you will have players who need to create and destroy different forms and kinds of blocks in a mystifying three-dimensional backdrop. The player is gifted with the trait to take an avatar move forth, devastating and building blocks, form beautiful artwork and wonderful creations across diverse multiplayer servers in a multiple gaming mode. Basically, you have to survive and move ahead progressively and keep yourself safe from caverns which have devastating and wicked demons and monsters. Definitely, it is a thrilling, rewarding and excitement filled game and it undeniably comes ahead with one of the most expressive inspired outlets. If you can manage to save yourself, come join the chase!

10. Transistor

In this game, players will have to take the form of a young woman, who is encompassed with the power of a potent weapon, no sooner, after a mystifying bunch of assailants nearly kill her with it. It is now her task to fight off every battle and trouble that come her way from street to street and she needs to recover the weapon and keep it safe from being embezzled or misused. This is one wildly created, adventure filled game and as you proceed ahead, you get to unveil mysteries, which will lead you ahead in the game.

The above games come with individual features and aim to offer you great gaming experience.


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