Top 10 PS Vita Games Of 2014

When we are referring to something of oddity, we have to mention of ‘PlayStation Vita’— quite a pricy yet influencing and powerfully packed portable gaming console with a flotilla of touchscreen controls, smartphones, and those economical app-store games. Again, we have some extraordinary affinity towards Sony’s brawny handheld and a good list of unusual games, which you can ever keep on playing.

The PS Vita gives gamers a rich and powerful handheld machine with great touch panels, sticks, loads of buttons to handle, those wonderful online features and well, yes, breathtaking graphical horsepower, like something so wonderful, like never before in a gaming handheld.

We managed to gather Top 10 PS Vita Games Of 2014 which we hope you would definitely enjoy playing, even if 2014 had just passed by!

1. Fez

Gomez is living in the 2D world and yes is a 2D creature too. He is a bit puzzled after he is introduced to the mysterious 3rd dimension and he is sent to unveil this mystery which leads him to the end of space and time! It is time to uncover the mysteries of the past and explore the truth about perception and realism. You get to change your perspective and look at the world in a fresh new way.

Quite a pioneering platforming game, Fez gives the chance to players to manipulate the world of 2D platforming in 3 dimensions, only with that fast tap, and in a jiffy you are spinning your flat world around paving way towards a fresh perspective with unsullied and new gameplay area. Right at the opposite end of the wall, you get to unravel hidden items or bring platforms right underneath your feet from miles away, simply by spinning!

2. Tales of Hearts R

A very controlling, indulging and heart-felt story, Tales of Hearts R brings before you an ideal and unique incredible battle system, which has been built upon the Tales of series' celebrated Linear Motion Battle System that was introduced by Aerial Chase Linear Motion Battle System. With ease and freely players will be able to move in the air and at the same time experience speedy fast-paced aerial battles that will end up blowing the enemies out of the boundary line.

3. OlliOlli

OlliOlli comes with the special mix of obsessive-button-one-life immeasurable runner gameplay with the high-end trick and combo mastery of skateboarding games. If you are in to take the challenge, go skate for as fast and far you can, at the same time racking some of the craziest and biggest combos along side. Beware; you do not end up slamming your face (which is inevitable)!

4. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Developed by NIS America we also believe that no one can do it as “uniquely” as the Japanese and Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is without a second word, an astonishingly enjoyable masterpiece. Just as its predecessor that was released in 2014, you feel you are experiencing a visual novel.

You are placed on an apparently serene island with a bunch of students who are told that the only way they can attain salvation is by murdering. Nevertheless, should this atrocious felony be exposed on regular “trials”, the perpetrator is on the spot, executed. Yes, it does sound grim and demoralizing, you get glued to the game as the plot has been excellently scripted with bizarre characters together with eccentrically addictive puzzle mini-games making it so convincing and remarkably compelling.

5. Minecraft: PS Vita Edition

Developed by Mojang, Minecraft is purely addictive and spreads an alluringly appealing. Its Vita version is any time, more enjoyable with its implausible graphical style, paving opportunity to you to go ahead, construct anything you want!

You also get a survival mode, where you would be asked to craft items, to stave off attacks from intimidating and aggressive monsters. At the same time, you will have to share, which is a vital part, where you get to cooperate with both online as well as locally connected friends.

6. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma

With the Cauldron left devastated and left with a broken cycle, Ragna is all set for his final operation of hunting down the wicked and iniquitous Terumi. Both the life of Noel and the whole world, depends in the balance, as the Bloodedge stride towards the final confrontation, in this exotic and breathtaking 2D fighting game.

7. Freedom Wars

Developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, Freedom Wars seems to be a blend of the Capcom's Monster Hunter combined with The Hunger Games. If successful in the combat zone, you end up earning upgrades and rewards, and the combat engine does take all the responsibility of ensuring that the close-quarters and enthralling ranged fighting gets equally gripping and absorbing. The whole package comes with some exceptionally edgy visuals and brilliant audio. It is a 8-person multiplayer which grants you to reduce your sentence even faster with little assistance from your mates, and this is what makes Freedom Wars move parallel to Monster Hunter.

8. Velocity 2X

Velocity 2X is definitely a better and improved sequel of Velocity Ultra that takes the core premise—teleporting around the screen area while you cautiously take control over your speed and tends to increase and expand with the totting up of full-blown 2D platforming off-ship. With the already-blazing speed of this gameplay, the transitions tend to suffuse, blistering intensity as you move ahead.

The on-foot action also has teleportation with the Quarp Drive fixed with a good amount of wanton destruction and with shooting up the place brings in fresh pathways to discover. We are totally on board and Velocity 2X definitely exceeds its older version.

9. Child of Light

The Moon, Sun and Stars are stolen by the Black Queen. You get to play as Aurora, who is a young princess whose pure intension and soul leads her to the kingdom of Lemuria. Get set on a thrilling quest to capture back the three sources of light and you do that by conquering the Black Queen and finally restoring the kingdom of Lemuria.

10. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X trails down the exploits of Summoner Yuna and her safe protectors, as they move to fight and battle the evil and wicked everlasting enemy, Sin. It comes with side-quests like the incredible underwater sport of Blitzball and a battleground filled with monsters together with a redesigned fighting system that blends with the typical Final Fantasy essentials together with the "Sphere Grid" system. About the storytelling part, there is no doubt that it is one of the finest. The visuals have been significantly spruced up to bring for you the best of Vita's high resolution screen experience and now that they are portable, makes the game ever more pleasurable and intensifying!

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