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Are you a gamer or a graphic designer? Would you like to make money for what you best which is playing video games, or draw exquisite digital art? It is really sad to know that many people nowadays have a job that they hate. Maybe because they did not know better; It does not have be the case when you enjoy what you do, and earn your living of it. Interested? Then you should check out:

Let me explain what it is: is a free job board that helps video game artists find jobs for themselves. Thanks to the video game industry of today, there is a broad of sectors that can be explored and new, never seen before jobs are rising from this market.

You can be a 3d modeler, a concept artist, a game tester, gameplay progammer, background artist, etc. With that many choices you are bound to find something you'd like to do for fun mainly. Yet will also be the foundation of your career. Believe me when I say that in couple of years from now, there will be no shortage of these types demands as we know the gaming industry entertainment is on the rise and here to stay.


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