MAD Catz FREQ 9 gaming headset review

We live on an age where entertainment is growing in different sectors. The global video game entertainment as of today is a multi-billion dollar industry, and increases drastically year after year. With more games to look forward to, come different gadgets and accessories for all kinds of unique gameplays. MAD Catz FREQ 9 wireless headset is one of those cool, sophisticated, state of the art accessories designed for all gamers who want to enjoy their experience to the fullest. It is a wireless device that receives audio signal from long distances. It is compatible with many game-platforms such as the Xbox 360, PS3, PCs, etc, but it is not restricted to only home consoles. Non-gaming platforms can also be used, Smart TV sets, plus most types of mobile devices such as tablets, and smartphones.

MAD Catz FREQ 9 headset is capable of surround sound, giving the user a more rich realistic audio, with the illusion of trace-ability to a particular place in an environment. It has next generation noise cancelling which is the ability to block unwanted noise. With this, you will forget about the other headsets you might have, as it will be the only one you will ever need.


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