Reign Of Kings Will Take You To a Medieval Past Journey

I Have been a gamer since I can remember. My childhood in the early 80s was when I started looking into the video game entertainment. Back then 2d gaming was the best as it was all it could offer. Now there are plenty of games that go way beyond of just 2d running and jumping. A whole realm can be explored in Reign of Kings game: A 3d gaming platform that will take you back when your great, great, grandparents hadn't even thought of you being born.

In Reign of Kings you will need to survive the harsh medieval environment, fetch your own food by hunting in wildlife, build shelter, structures, a castle, your kingdom, fight and defend yourself from unknown enemies. Conquer your rivals as king. The game has a strong element of violence: Off with an infidels head!!! It also has a neat crafting system; build your weapons and armor and more.

Overall, you will have a unique experience playing this game. There are no machine guns as I can see. It will keep true to its time.

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