Sci-fi MMORPG Project Genom - the Early Access starts

In Project Genom, you will experience a TPS shooter action with a touch of role play.  A game like no other you have come across.  Planet earth is no longer in existence, so humankind has managed to find Avalon; another planet to live and prosper.  Avalon is rich in resources for advancement in technology, which can be a double edge sword: while new innovations can be created.  It can also spell doom to this world with bad intentions.  Mind you that humans are not the only living habitants in there.  Such abundance in materials has led another race; the Almer to exploit the place like bees on honey.  This race has tremendous power. They are highly evolved, united and extremely hostile towards humans.

Now its time for heroes to rise up to defend humankind. Be one who can fight against them.  In this game you will be able to customize your character, craft your own items, become an expert in obtaining ingredients, which later you can sell at high prices, explore many mysterious regions, but try to keep away from nests because they will not hesitate to kill you. You have a choice to fight by yourself, or be part of team.  More about this Sci-fi MMORPG: Project Genom.


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