New Christmas Games 2015: Santa Rush Delivery

Introducing a new Christmas mobile game, Developed by Derecho Studios. In Santa Rush Delivery; you play as Santa Claus running and saving Christmas by delivering presents to kids.  Its not as easy as that as you think because you will encounter many hilarious, and sometimes amazing obstacles.  Gotta hurry because Santa is running late! Get those presents delivered to the good little boys and girls.  You will be able to compete with other players.  Later to share your gift collection pile. Take a look at your colors in your suit: a variety is available and not just classic red.  Customize your neat gear.

You will have much gear to choose from: suits, boots, gloves, etc.  Collect candy canes, and deliver the gifts to save Christmas.  You might start slow at first, but you will pick up speed gradually making it a bit hard. Can you handle it? Share your score with your friends on your phone or tablet.  Everyone is welcomed to play this game as it is family friendly.

Overall this game is perfect to be played this Christmas to get in the spirit of the holidays.  Play it anytime you are feeling bored.  It will sure be lots of fun.  Check it out HERE!


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