Amazing Clicker Game: Oswald The Angry Dwarf

Last time I checked there weren't many good clicker, idle games to play, but that has change thanks to Oswald The Angry Dwarf game app.  This is an awesome game by Edenap in where you will play as Oswald.  A Dwarf on a quest to get his stolen axe back.  By the looks of it he is mean and strong like a bull, and extremely angry like a beehive bothered bee, able to chop anything he can find in his path.

As main premise, and objective of the game; Oswald will work for you chopping many things worthy to be cut down.  Earning you money, but to make his work more effective; you will need to buy him better equipment, sharpening his ax, forging better weapons, and acquiring new skills.  As he advances, more tougher things need to be chopped down, so upgrade is must.

With an idle game such as this; you sure don't have to be on it all the time, but Oswald does not need rest or sleep like we humans do.  He will be at it, even when you are not playing.  You will be able to see progress whenever you open the application next time.  Check out it out more in detail here: dwarf clicker.


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