D3DGear For All Your Game Recording Needs

Are you in the business of recording gameplay? The biggest part of video recording for gamers who will want to share their gameplay with the world using Youtube or any other media site; is software.  The software you use will determine if the videos you produce will be low, medium or high quality.  Enter D3DGear; You can get high quality results in your video making production using this tool; assuming you have a capable computer to work with.

There are many cool and important features included in D3DGear, that other competitive software lack.  Now one issue that comes up a lot is high video quality with the most portable file size.  You don't want to produce videos that will take hours upon hours to upload do you?  D3DGear creates awesome looking videos with the smallest file size.  Making it easy to make more content without suffering in the graphic and audio department.

Live streaming nowadays is a big deal for gamers; and one of the best features that is included in D3DGear.  Not just limited to recording gameplay, but live streaming at a very fast pace and minimal drop of frame rate.  For more information about this amazing software check check out: Game Recording, and Game Streaming Software


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